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Five qualities to look for when you're hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants offer support to busy professionals allowing them to concentrate on the important tasks within their businesses. Five qualities every Virtual Assistant needs are:

1. Reliability – When you need a task to be completed by a specific deadline, or some additional cover for your office your need to be sure that you can rely on your VA to be available when you need them.

2. Flexibility – Sometimes a last minute job comes in, a report needs to be submitted, or customers need to be contacted. Your VA should offer you flexibility across all areas of your administration process to ensure the smooth-running of your business.

3. Excellent Communication Skills – As your VA often works remotely it is extremely important that they keep in touch and update you on their progress on a regular basis.

4. Adding Value – Your VA should be working with you as an integral part of your team. They should be finding ways of improving systems and procedures and going the extra mile with your customers.

5. Time Management – VA’s often work on an hourly rate basis; a great VA will plan ahead to ensure time is allocated to complete your project and will focus on one task at a time.

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