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How to Successfully Onboard New Clients

⭐Here are some considerations when onboarding new clients:⭐

- Firstly have an onboarding call with your client to discuss tasks and working schedule.

- Agree hours, days and times of work or deadlines for project work.

- Ensure you have access to all systems required to enable you to carry out your tasks efficiently.

- Agree a communications channel and turnaround time for responses.

- Formalise the above in a client onboarding form/pack and send this information along with your contact details and t&c's for your client to review.

- Get to work!

The better your on-boarding process, the easier it is to manage your client and set clear expectations and boundaries. It's a good idea to set a formal follow up to review how this is working shortly after you start working with your client (1-2 weeks).

💁‍♀️Do you have an onboarding process for your new clients?












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