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How to Organise Your Workspace as a Virtual Assistant

I'm a VA and my laptop is my life! However I always seem to have lots of other items cluttering up my desk!

Here are a few tips to keeping your workspace organised 💻.

📚1. Your desk is for essential items only. Try not to clutter your desk with piles of paperwork, files and post it notes. I find it so much easier to have a seperate notepad/file for each client and one for my Admin Guru business development. These are now organised neatly on a shelf above my desk so I can pick out which client file I am working on and still have plenty of room on my desk.

⏰2. Tidy your desk and leave it clear at the end of each day ready for a fresh start the following morning. It's such a pain to have to start clearing your desk and looking for things before you have even started.

💺3. Comfy chair and adequate lighting. Whether your work area is at your kitchen table or you have a home office set up, a suitable chair is a MUST HAVE. We VA's spend hours sat at our laptops and it's not fun when you have back ache because you don't have the right chair! Lighting is also very important to avoid eye strain and headaches.












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